Each year do you wish you could have the magical holiday you envision in your head? Instead do you wind up stressed out and overtired trying to "do it all"?

Let's be honest. Those of us who "do" the holidays for everyone else, often don't get to enjoy them to the fullest. Between the shopping, the decorating, the wrapping, the traveling, the cooking....and fitting all that in on top of life in general. The holidays are magical, yes, but also completely exhausting!

A few years ago I noticed the things that create the holiday memories I hope for, like baking cookies with my kids, heading out to chop down a live tree or actually enjoying the gift wrapping process {instead of frantically cramming it in Christmas Eve}, never seemed to happen because my time just got too short.  

It didn’t take me long to figure out that this year I just needed to plan ahead, after all, that is how I get through the week with my Calendar Pad product, and it works beautifully. I knew if I could make a plan I could have a holiday that was everything I had hoped it would be, with minimal stress.

The 2018 Holiday Planner. 

Rather then create a system with a rigid week by week list of tasks, I designed The Holiday Planner to work with any planning style and holiday traditions. It is a simple 22-page booklet that gives you a place to map out all that you need to do—what gifts to buy, meals to cook, decorations to put up and so much more. It then helps you create an easy outline to follow during those few, short but very busy weeks between now and the end of the year.

New and improved for 2018 ( a total of 22 worksheets this year) including a Thanksgiving planner. 

Each Holiday Planner contains the following sheets to help organize your holiday:

gift list (s)

october/november/december calendars 

things to do list (s) 

thanksgiving planner

master shopping list 

holiday baking list (2)

holiday party planner 

november/december menu plans 

freezer cooking list 

vacation bucket list 

holiday wardrobe planner 

holiday card list

holiday decorations planner 

gift + thank you list 

holiday memory journal 

With a little advance planning using the 2018 Holiday Planner, all the franticness can just disappear from your season. A few pre-planned freezer meals will allow for a hot dinner on those nights when you dash from activity to activity with no time to cook. A few minutes assessing your children’s wardrobe ahead of time will prevent a last minute crisis when you don’t have black pants for you son's band concert {been there!}. A few extra gifts tucked away mean you won't get caught empty handed when a package-laden friend arrives, and let’s even talk about forgetting batteries for all the toys that Santa brings, because this year you just won’t. 

Think that a printed planner is too 'old school'? Here's my best tip that always saves me, just remember to snap a picture with your phone of the important sheets once you've completed them--like your gift list, shopping list and to-dos. Then your lists are always on hand, no more running back to the store because you forgot something or trying to remember what exactly your son wanted for Christmas when you are standing in Target. Just open your photos and your list is right there!

The Planner has a clean printer-friendly page layout and the convenient index right up front which allows you to quickly move between your lists and plans, along with a colorful, happy cover design. There is even a place to jot down all your holiday memories because moms, lets face it, we forget things sometimes, even those really important things! 

Not only will the 2018 Holiday Planner be your best resource to keep you on track this holiday, simply tuck it in your holiday decorations bin {or another place where you can find it next November} and you’ll already be so far ahead of the game when you have it to refer back to next year. 

The 2018 Holiday Planner is available in two versions:

A 22-page PRINTED version, shipped directly to you. It has a glossy cover with pretty floral design, and is spiral bound with gold wire. Inside are 22 numbered pages, printed on a smooth, luxurious 28lb paper. 

$15, see below to order.


A 22-page PRINTABLE version, emailed directly to you. This includes 22 pages of the same printables as the printed version will be sent as a .pdf immediately upon purchase. (FREE!)

To get your FREE copy of the 22 page planner, simply fill out the form below:

My hope is this system will allow you to find time to truly enjoy the holidays this year. You won't find yourself waking up the day after Christmas feeling exhausted and wondering where the holiday went, and that just by simply planning ahead you will have a peaceful, joy-filled holiday.



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